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"I happened upon George Johnson and ETA shortly after my arrival at McGill University in late 1997 when I was looking for a computer supplier. My research puts me in frequent need of specialized computer configurations and the nature of my field entails that many of my computer needs tend to be "emergencies." ETA has not simply "delivered" but has exceeded beyond expectations what any supplier, big or small, could be expected to do. George consistently provides excellent technical information, enabling us to make intelligent decisions concerning our orders. While I'm happy to support ETA in any way I can, part of me would prefer to keep this gem of a company as a quiet secret, much like a favorite recipe one doesn't share with friends. "


Jeremy R. Cooperstock,
McGill University, Centre for Intelligent Machines and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering




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"ETA has been a resourceful supplier to Buckman Laboratories of Canada, Ltd. for over 10 years. During this time they have provided hundreds of Toshiba Notebooks reliably, and often during times of acute industry shortages. George Johnson's many years of experience and Quick access to his network of experts provide us invaluable feedback for a wide range of cutting edge software and hardware solutions, including our own integrated manufacturing and accounting package. George has also displayed a very customer orientated approach to his business in that he gets to know each of his clients very well, thereby, developing a good insight into their business requirements."


Tim Packer,
Manager Fundamental Services, Buckman Laboratories of Canada, Ltd.






"I have worked with George Johnson and his company ETA since 1998, but he has been an integral supplier to us at Merck since 1987. George always executes his work in a competent and professional manner and has displayed a comprehensive knowledge of the computer industry. He has shown in the past the flexibility to access and provide products when other suppliers have not. His extensive contacts and distributors list always provides the best and most reliable product at the most cost effective price.


ETA is a small, professional company, based on true customer satisfaction, which in my mind is a dying ar in today's ever increasing technology field. The extra personal steps and dedication to detail is why I would seek out George's advice without a second thought."


Mark Yates,
Merck Frosst Canada & Co, Client Specialist, Research Information System (RIS)







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