What's behind ETA



ETA Montreal Inc is a specialized Technology Agency proud to have access to the very best information technology Entrepreneurs in Montreal. When a client lacks the necessary technical expertise in a vital area, ETA contracts with specialized consultants to fill in the gaps with a design to go after entrepreneurial finds in technology.


If there is an entrepreneur with the technological expertise to meet the challenge of our clients unresolved problems, the agency will engage the services of this expert with whatever arrangement will serve all parties. We seek successful entrepreneurs who are leaders in a 'technology market' space. Technology entrepreneurs are the primary vehicle fueling this technology pipeline. The longevity of their independence alone serves as a very useful measuring stick of their technological superiority.

An affiliation of diverse independent experts can provide clients with significant feedback to recommend the latest technologies available to meet growing challenges. Discover the trusted systems, or some sleeper area to streamline business processes. Become privy to innovations in network security, messaging technologies or identify company's with new technology. The agency is proactive in engaging its customers to understand their problems and needs. Our organization can effectively partner with companies because we hand pick the experts that can help them understand their problems and work solutions into their production process.




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